Because it is committed to the long term, Groupe BPCE gives priority in the pursuit of its ambitions to the security of its development model.

Economic performance and financial strength

  • Financial performance at the heart of the ambitions of the strategic plan. Significant improvement in profitability by activating growth levers, by simplifying our operating model, and by closely managing the cost of risk,
  • Growth in the Group’s net banking income: 2020-2024 annual average growth rate of approximately 3.5%,
  • Cost savings: simplification of the IT organization, modernization of banking services, real estate holdings, operational efficiency plan for GFS businesses, etc.
  • Cost of risk: less than 25bp by 2024.
  • Mandatory financial resilience: strengthening of recurrent capital adequacy mainly from reserves (approximately 60% of CET1), ensuring a Group CET1 ratio greater than 15.5%.


Group net banking income: ~€25.5bn

Transformation & Business Efficiency: €800m in cost savings

Group cost/income ratio: < 65%

Net income (Group share): > €5bn

Tight risk management

The pursuit of the ambitions defined in the strategic plan corresponds to the current level of the Group’s appetite for risk

  • Attention paid to the risk of concentration: credit risks (unit and sector concentration) and market risks,
  • Particular selectivity on certain categories of customers and activities, notably for leveraged companies.

Investment in risk management systems:

  • Asset management: further strengthening of the supervision system within the framework of the multi-boutique model,
  • Corporate & Investment Banking: investment in cross-functional technology chains, in particular for Front/Back/Risk market activities.


Cost of risk:

Lower than 25bps by 2024

Confirmed role as a trusted third party

  • Commitment to a relationship model founded on trust: local managers who embody the brand in their territories and guarantee the relationship model; customer advisors who create bonds of trust; a culture of customer satisfaction; clarity and transparency of contracts and pricing,
  • Data ethics at the heart of action as expressed in the customer-friendly use of data, accompanied consent management based on a privacy center, and implementation of ethical algorithms,
  • Enhanced technology security through the use of protection systems and solutions for securing payments and access to online banking constantly maintained at the highest market standards; participation in the Cyber Campus (French government initiative).



€80m in technology investments

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