Because a strong local and regional presence is written in its very DNA, the Group undertakes to provide its customers with the highest quality of service over the long term.

All of the Group’s businesses and companies have set themselves NPS (Net Promoter Score) targets for 2024.

The Group has set itself the ambition of delivering the best possible experience to its Retail Banking customers thanks to a “3D” relationship model with a pragmatic, locally-based approach to branch coverage nationwide.

3D relationship model guaranteeing the best possible customer experience in Retail Banking

  • Trustworthy: customer advisors play a pivotal role in forming a long-term trusting relationship, accompanying customers at key moments in their lives, with a dense and varied branch network playing its role as a source of advice and reassurance, with clear and transparent contracts,
  • Digital Inside: 100% accessible bank, omnichannel pathways and digital spaces at the level of “digital native” players, extension of the Digital Inside plan from BtoC to BtoB,
  • Useful data: personalization of the solutions provided and pathways tailored to customers’ needs, automated collection of customer data, management of consent to ensure that customers retain control over their own data.

Symmetry of attention:

  • Simple pathways, symmetrical to the customer pathway.
  • 100% deployment of the employee’s digital experience: Office 365 for all, tools to enhance professionalization, professional mobility, face-to-face or remote meetings.
  • 360° tools to share customer information and personalize the service offering, video conferencing.


100% of the branches and business centers with positive NPS scores

100% of the entities in the Top 4 NPS in their region, in all their markets

Digital NPS: more than 40 over the life of the plan for individual and small businesses customers

A pragmatic, locally-based approach to branch coverage nationwide

  • A distribution and relationship model consistent with our strong local presence, ensuring the creation of close relationships founded on physical, digital and decision-making proximity,
  • Branch networks facilitating the forging of close relationships and customized advice, and constantly adapting to the type of territory they serve (rural/urban), changes in population flows, societal trends (digital, etc.), competitors, etc,
  • Varied branch formats designed to match market realities and customer expectations: consultancy branches, multisite branches, specialized branches, periodic branches, seasonal branches, sustainable development e-branches, etc.

Present in 61% of catchment areas (1) covering ~90% of the population in Metropolitan France

~2,900 branches

~12,500 customer advisors

Present in 89% of catchment areas (1) covering ~97% of the population in metropolitan France

~3,700 branches

~12,900 customer advisors

 (1) INSEE definition: the catchment area is the smallest territory in which the inhabitants enjoy access to both the facilities of everyday life and to employment

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