Because it is founded on a future-oriented business model, Groupe BPCE intends to step up the pace of its development. Five priority areas have been defined with a target of additional revenues of approximately €1.5bn:

  • Two growth drivers aligned with societal challenges: environmental transition and health care,
  • Two key activities to be given greater impetus, sources of new value creation: non-life insurance, consumer credit,
  • One customer segment to be developed: intermediate-sized enterprises (ISEs).

In addition: a focus on speeding up its growth in the international arena: Asset Management and Corporate & Investment Banking.

Two growth drivers aligned with societal challenges:

Environmental transition

The Group will support all its customers in this market segment.
Goal of additional net banking income greater than €300m by 2024 (vs. 2020)

  • Retail Banking: 5 priority areas: energy renovation, renewable energies, mobility, companies in transition, green savings and insurance offerings,
  • Corporate & Investment Banking (CIB): environmental transition placed at the heart of client relationships, intensification of expertise, Green revenues1 multiplied by a factor of 1.7 in 2024 (vs. 2020),
  • Asset Management: development of a front-ranking ESG offering, consistent with affiliates’ convictions and client requirements, and ambitious objectives for sustainable3 or impact assets under management2.


Loan outstandings for energy renovation, renewable energy, and green mobility2

Asset Management: >€600bn, i.e. 50% of sustainable3 or impact4 assets under management

1 Green revenues: revenues generated by the Green & Sustainable Hub, by the Renewables sector, and by clients rated dark green and average by the Green Weighting Factor.
2 Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne.
3 Article.8 of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).
4 Article 9 of the SFDR

Health care

The Group intends to become the benchmark player of the health sector.
Goal of generating additional net banking income of more than €250m in 2024 (vs. 2020)

  • Reference player among health professionals (public hospital sector, self-employed professionals, future health professionals),
  • Recognized financiers of health care infrastructure (care homes and residential homes for the elderly, nursing homes, public hospitals, private clinics, etc.),
  • Partner of health care companies and the innovative ecosystem (e-health, biotech, medtech, etc.),
  • Benchmark player in the field of dependency care.


Financing outstandings in the health sector:

Three key markets, sources of new value creation

Non-life insurance

In its capacity as a fully-fledged bancassurance company, the Group will drive new growth by taking full advantage of its latest generation platform.
Goal of additional net banking income of more than €300m by 2024 (vs. 2020)

  • Differentiating customer/advisor pathways and experience,
  • Intense support for Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne advisors,
  • Speeding up the pace of growth in the small businesses market and for individual health insurance products.


P&C/Personal Protection insurance:
35% of individual customers equipped,

+50% of professional P&C contracts

Consumer credit

Thanks to the new sales potential represented by the customers of the Banques Populaires and Caisses d’Epargne, Groupe BPCE want to build front-ranking positions in this market.

Goal of additional net banking income of more than €300m by 2024 (vs. 2020)

  • Launch of new solutions: instant personal loans, digital revolving credit, debt restructuring,
  • Investments in digital tools and development of online assistance.


Consumer credit:

Capture 2/3 of the personal loans taken out by Banque Populaire customers

Capture 3/4 of the personal loans taken out by Caisse d’Epargne customers

The intermediate-sized enterprises market segment (ISEs)

Groupe BPCE fully intends to capitalize on its strong regional presence and enhance intra-group coordination.
Goal of additional net banking income of more than €300m by 2024 (vs. 2020)

  • Enhanced access to the Group’s expertise and platforms,
  • Stronger collaboration between individual banks.


ISEs: +500 new clients

Financing outstandings: +€5bn


Speeding up the growth of the global business lines in the international arena

In both Asset Management and Corporate & Investment Banking, Groupe BPCE confirms the United States as the 2nd largest market after France and steps up its pace of development in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC)

Asset Management – Natixis Investment Managers

  • United States: maintain its leadership by extending its product and solution offerings to the major US distribution networks,
  • Europe: boost growth by consolidating our position as ESG leader,
  • APAC: speed up the distribution of our European & US asset management offerings in the APAC region.

Corporate & Investment Banking – Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking

  • International platforms: broadening its corporate client base (8 core industries) and financial sponsors, diversification of Global Markets activities 
  • Americas: strong growth in M&A with PJ Solomon, development of Acquisition Strategic Finance activities, differentiating leadership in the Green & Sustainable segment,
  • APAC: expansion in China and South-East Asia, acceleration of the Originate-to-Distribute approach by capitalizing on the region’s growth momentum.
  • Cross-border: strengthen support for European clients in America and APAC and enhance our status as a “Go-to-Europe” bank based on its core industries


Share of revenues generated outside France by the Asset & Wealth Management and Corporate & Investment Banking divisions: greater than 60%

Natixis Investment Managers: net fund inflows greater than 75% from outside France1

Natixis Corporate and Investment Banking: net banking in come annual average growth rate2:

Americas and APAC, approximately 10%

(1) Aggregate 2021-2024
(2) From end-2020 to end-2024

Specialized financing:

Growth strategy in Europe building on the development of Oney’s activities and new acquisition opportunities in the consumer credit and leasing businesses.

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