Because it is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and fully aware of the reality of how the world is changing, the Group is strengthening its capacity for innovation.

Scaling up of our activities in Data and in the new technology markets

  • Investment in data for approximately €400m over the life of the plan: use of data at the service of the business activities and all the bank’s functions (sales development; operational efficiency; risks, finance, RH and IT functions) and creation of a shared platform and dedicated Group department (Data Managers and Data Scientists),
  • New technology markets: investment in FinTech / Insurtech firms, with 7 priority areas (Open Banking, Insurance, Cybersecurity, Employee benefits, RegTech, Expenses/Savings Coaching, Green),
  • Open Banking: marketplace within the digital channels providing BP and CE customers access to solutions offered by non-Group partners (company management support offerings, commercial partnerships on the energy transition, health, mobility, housing, sport, etc.)


2.5m key life moments detected
Collection/verification > 5.5m documents

Approximately 40 new significant partners referenced

Accelerating the pace of developments in Payments to support the digitalization of commerce

  • Role as a key partner of digital commerce: digitalized customer experience; new range of terminals; expansion of online payment services,
  • Goal of capturing European leadership in split payment solutions with Oney,
  • Benchmark platform for employee benefits: single digital platform grouping together employee benefit offerings – service vouchers, money pots, marketplace; preferential offerings; digitalization of service vouchers and launch of new mobility offerings,
  • BPCE founding shareholder of EPI (European payment initiative), a pan-European payment solution.


Share of the retail networks in PayPlug acquisition volumes: 26%

New split payment production greater than 20% (2020-2024 average annual growth rate)

Imagine the future of work

Hybrid working for approximately 50,000 group employees (60% in Flex Office)

Well: a collaborative and decentralized approach making it possible to set up, in each Group company, work spaces, operating methods, and management styles suited to hybrid working 

For the Communauté BPCE(1) and Global Financial Services (26,000 individuals):

A pragmatic approach with reversible tests for the Retail Banking networks (8 companies).

Training, central to the employee experience

BPCE Campus (incl. the Tech & Digital Academy): a corporate culture, behaviors and processes to prepare employees for the future of banking professions

  • «Progressing in the network»: a customized skills-development pathway, expertise-based courses awarding diplomas, a community of branch managers in each bank,
  • «Valorizing banking services»: a program to move towards greater inter-personal and value-added services,
  • «Jobs in Motion»a GFS policy that encourages and prepares for functional mobility.

An internal career path for each interested talent

Employee career paths that create and strengthen bonds with the company with an induction program to welcome new employees (particularly young people and apprentices), a mobility policy in each company and at Group level, and talent pools that prepare for professional advancement in each region.


75% of employees feel committed(2)

Conversion rate for apprentices: approximately 50%(3)

Gender mix > 35% of women in senior management positions and approximately 50% of women among the executive staff

(1) BPCE SA, subsidiaries of the FSE division, GIE i-BP, IT-CE, BPCE-IT, BPCE Achats, BPCE Solutions Crédits, BPCE Services Financiers
(2) BIn-house Diapason barometer survey  
(3) Excluding students continuing their education 

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